New technical platform certified by Malta Gaming Authority


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Enlabs’ new technical platform, named NPL, has been certified by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Enlabs’ in-house developed platform, which has already been certified in Sweden and Lithuania, has now also been certified in Malta, which opens up major business opportunities for Enlabs. With this, Enlabs’ main brand Optibet can be migrated to NPL, which will mean a broader and better customer offering, which will enable Optibet to be actively launched in new markets. The certification also shows that NPL meets technical requirements in several regulated markets. In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, NPL has a number of important functions that will lead to cost savings, but above all efficiency gains. The functions include:

• Omni channel

• Supports cloud solutions and hybrid models (Docker, Kubernetes, Cloudflare, PostgreSQL)

• Progressive development languages and frameworks (Typescript, GoLang, AngularJS, React), Microservice-based Architecture, Industry-standard setup, (JSON, API driven), Scalable messaging (RabbitMQ),

• Improved SEO management

• Operates multi-brands, -languages, and -currencies

• Multi licensed, developed to operate in multiple jurisdictions

• Effective integration management of gaming providers and payment solutions

• Scalable, fast and reliable

“We have worked long and meticulously to develop NPL with modern and scalable technology, which means that the platform can be managed and adapted for multiple brands and markets. This is also the reason why we have been able to certify the platform so quickly in a new market with local regulations. NPL supports cloud-based solutions, which provide both increased flexibility and reliability, but also scalability and cost efficiency. When all brands are migrated to NPL, we will experience significant efficiency gains in the form of reduced administration as we do not need to support multiple platforms that we currently do.” Says Davit Khatasvhili, CTO at Enlabs.

Another opportunity that opens up with the certification is the development of Enlabs Solutions. Enlabs can now take the step towards offering a modern licensed platform solution to third parties.

Robert Andersson, President and CEO, says: “Certification of NPL is an important step in Enlabs’ growth journey. Together with our proprietary betting product ‘Betx’ it does not only gives us great opportunities to expand within online gaming but also an important step towards being able to offer our platform as a service to other companies. We now have a modern and dynamic platform that is licensed in Sweden, Lithuania, now Malta, and in the near future also in Estonia and Latvia which means we can offer our platform to other companies with exciting brands that want a cost-effective and flexible solution. We have already started discussions with our first potential customers and are obviously looking forward to more collaborations.” 

For more information, please contact:

Enlabs AB

Robert Andersson, CEO

[email protected]  / +371 2 7327810

Adam Jonsson, Head of IR

[email protected] / +46 738200058


ENLABS stands for Entertainment Laboratories. We are a company that creates entertainment through innovative thinking within three business areas: Gaming, Media and Solutions. The corporate group has offices in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Malta, Marbella and Stockholm. The operating subsidiaries hold national licenses for their operations and the Group employs approximately 200 employees. Enlabs AB (NLAB) is listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market with Redeye AB as Certified Adviser: [email protected], +46 (0)8 121 576 90.  

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