Annual General Meeting

These links provide a quick review of activities of the company (Enlabs) in relation to the recent annual general meetings of shareholders. The links with English headers are to translated documents issued. The Swedish links refer to documents that have not been translated and therefore are in Swedish only. These latter include: Convening notifications to the AGM, the publication thereof identifying compliance with legal requirements in Sweden; and untranslated Bulletins from earlier AGMs. These also include required documentation from the board of directors for certain items proposed for consideration at the AGM, especially related to new share issues.

General documents

Annual General Meeting 8 May 2020

Annual General Meeting 23 May 2019

Extraordinary general meeting 30 November 2018

Annual General Meeting 18 May 2018

Annual General Meeting 23 May 2017

Extraordinary general meeting 21 November 2016

Annual General Meeting 17 May 2016

Extraordinary general meeting 4 November 2015

Annual General Meeting 10 April 2015