Corporate Social Responsibility


The Group's revenues come to a significant extent from regulated markets on which subsidiaries have national licenses and licenses to conduct gaming operations. In these markets, local gaming taxes are paid. The company's definition for this is sustainable revenue. The Group's principle is to always operate in full compliance with the regulations in all jurisdictions where operations are conducted. The Group's four focus areas are: regulatory compliance, responsible gaming, social responsibility and general transparency in the business.


Companies within the Group hold national gaming licenses issued by licensing authorities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Malta and Curacao. The Group works in accordance with and in accordance with applicable rules and regulations in these countries. Rules and requirements include various regulations, including, but not limited to, advertising restrictions, gaming certification, financial requirements, and regular reporting to gaming authorities. The Group sees regulatory compliance as a prerequisite for doing business and taxation as a way of giving back to society. Regular reporting takes place to the licensing bodies in the countries where the Group has gaming licenses. The Group's Compliance Department together with the Finance Department has devised a set of procedures to ensure a consistent and consistent implementation of compliance in all jurisdictions where the Group operates. The Group's IT department ensures compliance with procedures relating to the protection and security of, inter alia, customer data and general data protection measures (GDPR).


The Group strives to provide customers with the fastest, safest and most entertaining gaming experiences. Safe and entertaining gaming experience also means identifying gaming problems and providing tools to prevent and manage them. The Group uses both technical and manual conversation factors to identify gambling addiction and to assist users in limiting their gambling habits or to exclude them from gaming activities. The gaming habits can be limited by customer options to set account-based limits for playing time, bets, losses and deposits. Users can self-exclude from using their accounts and service agents can exclude users if they indicate issues with gambling addiction. Various jurisdictions have established different measures that the Group follows, at times applying even stronger standards than required. The Group has introduced internal procedures for employees on how to act in the event of potential problem gambling situations.


The Group is proud of its positive and committed staff, where each individual understands and performs their duties. The Group's success is to a large extent dependent on the company's employees, corporate culture and values. Values that the Group promotes in the organization are the customer in focus, entertainment and acting power. The Group encourages diversity and treats all employees equally. The Group has just over 190 employees of eleven nationalities based in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Malta, Marbella and Stockholm. Ca. 60% of the employees are women and almost 50% of all employees are younger than 30 years. The Group complies with local labor laws and working environment laws in all countries where the Group's companies have employed staff.


Working on regulated gaming markets is a great responsibility, but at the same time promotes credibility. Through the Group's compliance and reporting to the game regulators, quality and transparency are ensured in the operations. As a gambling operator, the Group faces similar challenges as financial institutions. The Group deals with thousands of transactions daily and each of them must be subject to strict rules for combating money laundering. The Group continuously revises its internal routines, risk assessments and action plans. The Group has  procedures in place to identify possible risks for money laundering, in relation to money transfers and gaming turnover on customer accounts. In the case of an indication of risk for money laundering, an investigation is carried out by appointed officials, both at Group and individual company level. Money laundering suspicions are reported by employees throughout the organization and documentation for any suspicious accounts is held to investigate suspected money laundering. The Group's employees are obliged to follow the internal procedures and rules to minimize the risks and identify any attempts at money laundering.  Additionally, all employees in contact with customers and/or their funds are trained annually to ensure their knowledge of money laundering risks is kept up to date.

The Group works with zero tolerance against corruption and bribery in the business. All relationships with suppliers are subject to an investigation procedure. No cases of corruption involving the Group have been reported.